acrobatics video training app

Let me see that again ...



we need this !

ok so here is the scenario... you are at an acro jam, and someone wants to try some cool thing they found on:
instagram, facebook, youtube, acropedia, vimeo
so they bring out their phone, and try to find it… thats ten minutes gone.
then finally they found it! but now its going to take forever to load, another five minutes gone.
So the video finally loads, and lets say its instagram, and it was a longer video sped up to fit in the stupid 15 second capb
thats way too fast to see where that, hand, foot, arm, or other appendage is supposed to go.
all this time wasted messing about with terrible video user experience.

less technology, more acro

actually scratch that…. smarter technology = more acro !

Do you know what “scrubbing” is? Its when you tap that little circle on the bottom edge of the video player and slide it back and forth to move around in the video playback. You probably know how much that sucks on facebook or youtube. The main reason why this is terrible is because video playback is normally started at the beginning, and watched right thru to the end. So streaming algorithms used by youtube, facebook, etc are optimized for that most common use case.

So streaming algorithms… are optimized for that most common use case. Problem is us acrobats dont do the things that are most common.

Problem is us acrobats dont do the things that are most common we constantly rewind the video 10 seconds to see how that washing machine works, or skip back to the beginning of that cool dutch acro trick to see it again and again and again.

Also would it be cool if you could also watch a video in slow motion? Or even s l o w e r motion? Or stepping thru that trick frame by frame

What about setting a beginning and end point in the middle of of a longer video clip, then having the video loop thru just that portion you are working on? and what if you could loop thru that section in slow motion?


ok how about you can do ALL of these things AND zoom in on the playing video ! Perfect to get closer to the action and figure out that tough part of the move.

##mind blown

###I know right?

how ?!?

ok so how does this work ?

So basically in order to avoid the problems outlined above:

  • Crappy signal
  • Streaming algorithm makes scrubbing suck
  • Video load times and buffering

We need to download the video to your device, so when you see the video for the first time and think: “I want to learn to fly / base this this epic trick.” You simply grab the video share URL, pop that link into ACROapp and it does the work for you!

…pop that link into ACROapp and it does the work for you!

Seriously? Yeah, totally… you hand the app the URL, and it runs off and downloads the video for you so next time you meet up with the acro monkeys, its ready and waiting.


Video Playback

Here are some of the awesome video playback features:

  • Slowmo: 2x and 4x slow motion playback for all videos
  • Looping: set start and stop points and the video will loop within those points
  • Zoom: zoom in on any portion of a playing video
  • Scrubbing: fine control of scrubbing through video footage
  • Jog: frame by frame stepping thru of video

Dropbox integration

running out of space on your phone ?

Yup, happens to all of us, but dont drop that flier worrying about it! upload those videos you want to keep to your dropbox folder, and free up that precious space on your phone. You can always re-download it later, and it wont get lost in your Facebook timeline or Instrgram feed.


Check out this cool video explaining where we are.

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